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“Hands down great people, very professional and perform in a timely cost-effective manner. I still use them for support from time to time when I get in over my head. Our website is very unique in that it contains both static and dynamic features. They were the only company I’ve worked with that didn’t get flustered with the combination of features we needed.”
     -Warren Holmes, Internet Sales Manager

“They really did an exceptional job creating an effective Web site which increased my business productivity – 50 percent of my patients are now coming from the Web. They also created matching brochures and postcards, which stood out from my competitors. I would highly recommend WebSwagger / InGroup, Inc. for your marketing needs. ”
     -Pamela Morrison, PT, MS, BCIA-PMDB, DPT

“… Everything on the site looks great! I think of where we started that first day you came to Channel 9 and my prior Web designer left us in a lurch. You’ve been making everything okay since then and you haven’t stopped. Thank you. You’re not only a great female owned businesswoman. You’re a great at business, period. Keep up the good work!”
     -Brenda Blackmon, My9 TV News & founder of The Kelly Fund For Lupus

“We are always looking for ways to maximize our marketing on a limited budget, and WebSwagger / InGroup, Inc. helped us shine.”
     -Ingrid Schaefer, T.U.C.S.

“We’ve been in business for nearly a century and now finally have a great Website. They took great care in developing our look and wrote the site copy for us. The WebSwagger / InGroup, Inc. team took care of everything! We are more than pleased.”
     -Karen Koestner, Principal

“It was so easy to get my Website up and running. The ease of exposure has been phenomenal.”
     -Havlyn Mayer, Author

“The site has been great for our membership and connected us with women in other parts of the United States and Europe.”
     -VPAINSUPPORT.COM — Northern New Jersey Support Leader

“The decision to update our Web presence with a WebSwagger website proved right within the first year. Not only did we save money with the affordable pricing and ability to add content ourselves, but we also increased our client base. We welcomed our first new client from the site shortly after the launch.”
     -Linda Bedford, Branch Marketing Associate, Randy Neumann & Associates, LLC.

“We were receiving a lot of Spam through our online form. WebSwagger / InGroup, Inc. knew just what to do! They helped us by adding a reCAPTCHA program to deter automated programs from sending spam through our form. Now, we don’t have to spend time weeding through spam to get to the real information coming to us.”
     -Karen Bakker, founder of Above and Beyond Learning Group

“Not only are we saving money by using WebSwagger, we’re actually making money from our site!”
     -Eric Gettle, Sales Manager

“The Website has received high accolades … every person who sees it has been complimentary and is in awe of the dynamics of it. We love it too!”
     -Anna Simeone, Mahwah Medical