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Liven Up Your Content Marketing with Livestreaming Video

Video is becoming the medium of choice with more and more consumers, especially those in the 18-34 age group. And livestreaming video is gaining ground as the most engaging form of the medium. For companies that would like to dip their toes into livestreaming, provides some tips on some approaches to consider: share live

Preparing Your 2017 Marketing Budget? Keep These Trends in Mind

The DMA delved into its Statistical Fact Book to uncover some key marketing and consumer trends likely to emerge in 2017. According to DMA, consumers are accessing information across multiple devices and savvy marketers will know how to interface with them seamlessly on all of them. Wearable devices will grow at a faster pace than

Using Technology to Advance Productivity

If you’ve been in business for a while, you have likely experienced a variety of massive technological shifts both inside and outside the office. The new normal of communication is sending tasks, deliverables, and information by email, which is essentially instantaneous. The working environment has gone from researching materials manually to researching by typing a

Word of “Mouse”

Customers and clients can be powerful ambassadors for your company. Word-of-mouth is sometimes more powerful than advertising as a business-building tool, since prospects are more likely to trust the word of someone they know. But the way word-of-mouth moves from one person to another is changing, with more of it more of it being done

Online Video has Grown

Most players in social media believe that online video is the future. In fact, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s creator, has said that he envisions Facebook becoming almost completely video-based in the next few years.  Online video ads are generating three times more clicks compared to mobile, display, and flash media according to a report from Business

The Mobile Mandate

Remember when whether or not to make your website mobile-enabled was actually a choice? Those days are gone! Websites that perform robustly on mobile devices are now a business imperative. Consider this: Google reports that, in 10 countries including the U.S., more Google searches now take place on mobile devices than on computers. This makes

Google’s Latest Update & What it Means to You

The rollout of Google’s Panda 4.2 algorithm will affect 2-3% of searches. “3 SEO Tips to Help Your PR Content Rank Highly with Google’s Latest Update,” by the Entrepreneur offers some advice on staying ahead of the curve amid the changing SEO environment. Make your content longer. For press releases, blog posts, and other online

Homepage to Drive Revenue

Your homepage is the most important page of your site since it receives the most attention. Is it reaching its highest potential? For most websites, the answer is “NO” because the homepage is unfocused towards a single action. The article “How to Create a Homepage that Drives Revenue” in Forbes provides some insights into turning

Kick Bad Marketing Habits

  Forbes highlighted some marketing bad habits in “7 Bad Marketing Habits You Should Quit in 2015” so you can become a more efficient online marketer. Leave these marketing habits behind: Approaching marketing as a chore. Your audience will be able to tell if you treat email marketing and social media as an obligation. Instead,

Do Web Tech Terms Leave You Confused? Let’s Talk Tech … In Plain English!

Working with a web programmer can be a fantastic experience. Their technical expertise will help bring to life the website of your dreams. Though through your build process you may have moments that make you stop and question exactly what language they are speaking because they may use words you have never heard of before.