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Don’t Count Print Out!

There’s no doubt that the emergence of the Internet changed forever the way marketers view—and devote ad dollars to—print advertising. Strategy Analytics reported in its Advertising Forecast that digital claimed 28% ($52.8 billion) of the total U.S. $187 billion ad spend in 2015, with print accounting for 15% ($27.9 billion), and another 5% ($8.7 billion)

Design an Engaging Business Card

A business card is the best opportunity to market yourself to an interested party. However, few do more than provide basic contact information. The Entrepreneur Magazine explains methods to make a more memorable business card. Make the business card multipurpose. A card that can double as a bookmark, sticker, notepad, and more, will be seen

Get Your Press Release Noticed

A press release is a company news piece. Its purpose is to get a business noticed. However, there is no guarantee a press release will generate news. PR Daily offers these tips to increase your chances:   Make it newsworthy. If your company is celebrating its 10th anniversary, paint a portrait of the company’s growth.

Print Media Is Still Alive

With all the new technological advances in the world, you would believe that print media would be fading away. In fact, print media is still widely used by businesses and appreciated by consumers. It’s not all about competing over Facebook and Twitter followers. While people look through their emails numerous times a day scanning for

Marketing across the board: how to make it work

If you’ve been keeping up with our articles, you know we’ve been focusing heavily on all the different social media sites and how to use them effectively. Now that you’re (hopefully) up and running on the platforms appropriate for you, how should you be using them together with your online and offline presence to promote

Eight Ways to Produce Slick Print Collateral Without Breaking Your Budget

Although media pundits have been proclaiming the death of print for years now, printed collateral retains a significant position in a company’s successful marketing mix. Sales team members swear by the power of being able to leave a brochure or presentation behind after meeting with a potential new client. And can you imagine not having

What’s the Skinny on Paper Weight?

Cover stock, 80# text, coated. Paper lingo can get very confusing, and choosing the wrong paper can ruin an entire project. Paper weights basically measure the thickness of the paper. In addition, the type of paper effects how sturdy and what type of finish it will have. Depending on the project, you may even need

Business Cards: Tried and True Business Tool

With all of the new ways to market your business, there is one traditional method that still has a place in your marketing plan. Your business card! While only 3.5 x 2 inches, these small convenient cards hold the most important information about your business: Your contact information. Even in the age of Blackberries and

Rack Cards: The Versatile Hybrid

A rack card is a hybrid, of sorts, a cross between a postcard and a brochure. Printed on card stock that is 3.5 x 8.5 inches, these double sided cards can be used in many ways to market your company. Use as an alternative to the traditional brochure Separate different aspects or your business on

This is the Internet age. Quick. Efficient. Paperless. Do I still need a brochure?

Absolutely! Think about what a brochure does for you … it’s so much more than a showcase for your products and services. It’s a snapshot of your company, its management and the way it does business. Its overall look and design define your image. It’s content, crisp and concise, tells what you do best and