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Use of Social Media Among Millennials

Fluent, a customer acquisition platform, recently released survey results which tabulated smartphone and social media use habits of nearly 2,000 millennials. The survey, which found that millennials spend the greatest portion of online time on smartphones, found that Facebook was the most popular social network among all ages. Other networks, however, such as Instagram and

Liven Up Your Content Marketing with Livestreaming Video

Video is becoming the medium of choice with more and more consumers, especially those in the 18-34 age group. And livestreaming video is gaining ground as the most engaging form of the medium. For companies that would like to dip their toes into livestreaming, Enterpreneur.com provides some tips on some approaches to consider: share live

Advertising Online? Go Native.

If you’re devoting a share of your marketing dollars to paid ads on social media or online publications (and more and more savvy marketers are), you want a good return on your investment. In a growing trend, it seems the best way to get that ROI is through native advertising—a form of paid advertising that

Generating Local Website Traffic for Your Local Business

If you operate a local business, focusing on search engine optimization (SEO) for your website isn’t enough.  To increase traffic from the potential customer base in your geographic area, it’s vital to incorporate local SEO strategies. These include, for companies with multiple locations, creating engaging content for each business location; optimizing metadata for each local

Preparing Your 2017 Marketing Budget? Keep These Trends in Mind

The DMA delved into its Statistical Fact Book to uncover some key marketing and consumer trends likely to emerge in 2017. According to DMA, consumers are accessing information across multiple devices and savvy marketers will know how to interface with them seamlessly on all of them. Wearable devices will grow at a faster pace than

Social Media, Yes—But Don’t Forget Email

Interactivity, personalization, animation, and integration with other platforms is driving a resurgence of email marketing for B2B and B2C marketers alike—many of whom had downplayed this tool in favor of social media. Since reading emails remains the number one activity among smart phone users, companies who leverage this channel effectively as part of their overall

Using Technology to Advance Productivity

If you’ve been in business for a while, you have likely experienced a variety of massive technological shifts both inside and outside the office. The new normal of communication is sending tasks, deliverables, and information by email, which is essentially instantaneous. The working environment has gone from researching materials manually to researching by typing a

What’s in a Brand?

Ask 20 business owners the definition of “brand” and you’re likely to get 20 different answers. A logo?  A mission statement? How your business is positioned in the marketplace? Yes, yes, and yes. All of these are components of a brand but a company’s true brand—the one that matters most—is the experience each customer has

Effective Content Marketing Resonates with People—Not Just Search Engines.

Most likely you’ve heard the phrase “content is king” and recent wisdom has dictated that the “king” be short and chock-full of highly searchable key words. While search-engine optimization remains a key consideration in developing a Content Marketing (CM) program, some marketers have put too much focus on SEO and lost sight of the true

Experts See Growing Focus on Visual Media

It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words. When it comes to getting information on the Internet, images may continue to replace words—and for good reason. According to Forbes, experts have predicted that a whopping 80% of all traffic to the Internet will be generated by videos—64% more than in 2014. What’s more,